Wrong food combinations that you should avoid as per Ayurveda

“Food is Medicine”. The food we eat determines our total health. Intake of wholesome food and unwholesome food determines good health and disease respectively. Ayurveda emphasis on two parametric basis of health as food(Ahara) and Lifestyle (Vihara). Incompatibility is a unique concept described in Ayurveda. The food unsuitably processed, that which are consumed in incorrect dose, day & season finally leads to incompatibility.

A person who wishes to stay healthy should avoid these incompatible combinations.

  • Meat of animals of Marshy regions is incompatible with black gram, honey, milk, germinated grains and                 jaggery.
  • Fish with Milk.
  • All sour substances including Citrus fruits with Milk.
  • Intake of green leafy vegetables should be avoided after the intake of milk.
  • Mixture of Ghee & honey in equal proportion.
  • Radish with fish.
  • Long pepper processed with the oil in which fish is fried should be rejected.
  • Honey should not be heated.
  • Honey and ghee or honey and rain water, both in water both in equal quantity.
  • Pork, Buffalo meat, Swan meat, goose, crab, fish, tortoise, should not be taken along with black gram, honey,        milk and germinated grains.
  • Milk should not be taken after the intake of radish, garlic, Moringa (Moringaoleifera  )  Tulsi etc as it may cause     skin diseases. Though garlic and milk are heated and used together in many medicines, cold milk should not be     consumed immediately after garlic, radish, holy basil consumption.
  • Indian spinach (Basella rubra) processed along with sesame seed paste
  • Pork should not be taken along with porcupine meat.
  • Curds along with palm date.
  • Banana along with butter milk is not recommended
  • Chicken and Spotted deer should not be taken along with curds.
  • Uncooked meat along with bile of animals is bad.
  • Pippali (long pepper) processed with the oil in which fish is fried should be rejected.
  • Honey along with seeds of Pushkara (Inula racemosa)
  • Honey, along with wine of dates and sugar
  • Milk drinks along with solution of corn flour.
  • Ghee kept in bronze vessel for more than 10 days should not be taken.
  • Mixing of equal quantities of any 2, 3 or all of the following is not recommended – honey, ghee, meat, fat,             sesame oil and beverages.
  • Honey along with ghee, even in unequal proportions, should not be consumed along with water.
  • Mushroom with yellow cap, with mustard oil is incompatible.

Now, you might be thinking that you used to have some of above combinations in your diet with not much negative impact so far. Ayurveda says that  some people have ability to negate the actions of incompatible diet in the body.

Following are the conditions which save you from ill effects of Incompatible food consumption.

  • Person who do regular Exercise
  • Person who follows proper oleation procedures (snehpana)
  • Person with excellent digestion (Agnideepthi)
  • People who are in prime youth
  • People who possess a good natural and acquired immunity
  • Accustomed food, even if it is incompatible
  • Incompatible food in reduced quantity.

Prevention is better than Cure. Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy.

By Aarathi Kiran

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