A Daily Skin Care Regime For healthy and Radiant Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body .Our Skin reflects our inner health. So utmost care should be taken in taking care of this vital organ .Makeups has limitations to make the skin look fresh and youthful for longtime .A daily care is must for a youthful  and healthier looking skin.

A CTM daily skin care regime has to be followed along with a healthy diet  to make your skin looks healthy and elegant. Of course Our diet plays an important role for healthy skin

CTM indicates the three basic steps-Cleansing,Toning and Moisturising -that we need to follow daily for Skin health.CTM has to followed twice daily as a routine for radiant and glowing skin. CETM- Cleansing,Exfoliating Toning and Moisturising – is  also a skin care regime but it is advisable to follow it once in a week.

Usually we follow skin care regimes but usually misses out any of the three. Adopting a healthy skin care will definitely  keeps your skin  fresh and young   irrespective of age and gender.

Cleansing –Cleansing is the basic steps to removes dirts ,  debris and  remnants of make ups from the  skin .For Cleansing a natural face wash is recommended  .Avoid soaps  and cleansers containing harsh chemicals as it dries out the skin .This can be done twice a day ,Morning and at night before going to bed .A scrubbing and Application of Face packs can be done once  or twice a week..

Simply you can use natural cleansers like Refrigerated milk or Besan for cleansing purpose.

Toning-Toning is the most neglected steps in daily skin care regime .But habitualsing  it works wonders on your skin. Toning removes any remnants of make ups and tightens the pores  that are left  open after cleansing. Toning hydrates the skin and make the skin radiant. Rose water ,Green tea etc can used as toners

Moisturizers-Moisturizing is final step of  daily skin care regime. A moisturizer need to be selected depending upon the skin type. The Moisturizers Moisturizes and nourishes the skin .

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